A Family of Alternative Funds

Option Premium Collection Strategy

Striving to Take Advantage of the Difference Between Perceived and Real Risk in the Market.

Diversified Credit Strategies

The Fund seeks to capitalize on the broad opportunity set spanning mortgage, real estate, consumer credit, and corporate sectors in both the public and private markets.

Private Equity Investment Strategy

The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in private equity funds.

Option Premium Collection Strategy

Striving to profit from the art and science of taking risk.

Master Limited Partnership Strategy

The Fund seeks to generate an attractive total rate of return from yield and long-term capital appreciation through tax efficient investments in Master Limited Partnership (MLP) units and other MLP related investments.

MBS/ABS Investment Strategy

The Fund is focused on deeply discounted, high yielding mortgage backed (MBS) and asset backed securities (ABS) that are believed to be significantly undervalued.

Princeton Fund Advisors, LLC together with its affiliates, manages approximately $2.6 billion of assets for institutional and private clients worldwide. Princeton Fund Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor ("RIA") with the SEC. The firm's two Investment Committee Members contribute more than 60 years of securities industry experience to the portfolio construction and management process.The Company has offices in Denver, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Princeton Fund Advisors, LLC serves as Co-Advisor to the Fund.